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Achieving your certification is worthwhile for credibility and being part of a wonderful facilitator community! Apply now by filling out the Application Form. We look forward to hearing from you!
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BUNDLE Training & Certification

You don't need to become a meditation teacher to help others

The first & only training of its kind

  • Quick-start Toolkit

    Meditation scripts, recordings, background music, outlines for running Introduction Sessions and live guided meditations, communication templates to promote your program, handouts, and survey questions to capture your program's benefits. Everything you need to start right away!

  • Only 7-10 hours

    Online, do-at-your-own-pace. This teaches you how to startup and sustain a respected mindfulness practice at work or in your community. Learn to show your program's value. Rich with valuable, PRACTICAL, logistical content. (Meditation Teacher training can be 200+ hours, costing $6,000+ and doesn't cover the practical aspects of starting a program).

  • Instant community

    Get immediate access to The Calm Monkey's worldwide online community of facilitators. Don't feel alone. Pose questions, share and get continuous ideas & tips.

  • Optional Certification

    Build your credibility with only 10-15 additional hours after the Training course. Earn the title of 'Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator' (CMMF).

Course curriculum

Details . . .

See the Course Curriculum above to see exactly what the course covers.  You'll get everything you need to get started with confidence.

NEW lesson included:  How to run a virtual mindfulness meditation session. In this uncertain time of COVID-19, facilitators

See details and eligibility information.

See FAQs too!

What students say

100% say they are equipped to start facilitating right away




The experience for me taking this course has been nothing short of AMAZING! It was informative, educational and enjoyable. Having a format and structure for a mindfulness meditation session has given me a tool and a renewed purpose for bringing this practice to more organizations. On another note I must say dealing with Wendy was a delight! She was available, responsive and very helpful. If she offered another course I would sign up today!

A strong structure and very important guidelines


All parts of this course are of superb value. What this information provides is a way to facilitate while considering all of the little challenges/obstacles I may encounter at the beginning and throughout my Journey as a facilitator. It is particularly useful to get this information from Wendy who has tried and tested these techniques so she really has the hands on experience of the information she is sharing with her learners. This is very important to me :)

82% reduced level of stress


Taking this training has been a life-changing opportunity for me. I work at Canada's largest credit union and the training, tools and certification gave me the confidence to startup groups at work, which is a causing a shift in the workplace. Participating employees have reported an 82% reduced level of stress!

Started UAE’s first internationally accredited mindfulness course for children


I'm from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and I took The Calm Monkey’s excellent online Facilitator Training course in 2016. It gave me the confidence I needed to go out into the community. As a result of this easy to use and highly effective online course, I now offer the UAE’s first internationally accredited mindfulness course for children. I go in to schools and train teachers on how they can bring Mindfulness into their classroom. I am so grateful to Wendy for her continued support and giving me the confidence to reach out to the children of the UAE. Thank you Wendy and good luck to all TCM facilitators out there, we ARE making a difference!"

I didn't want to become a meditation teacher


As a life and health coach, I wanted to share this wonderful avenue with my clients. I did not want to become a meditation teacher, so my search led me to The Calm Monkey, which was exactly what I needed. This course is easily integrated into the busiest of lives!

This program is fantastic


Wendy is a very talented teacher and leader who works extremely well with her audiences. The program that Wendy has developed is fantastic. The network of highly skilled mindfulness meditation facilitators is a great resource for facilitators. If you are considering becoming a Mindfulness facilitator, I highly recommend working with Wendy at The Calm Monkey!

Made it easy for me


This made it easy for me to start mindfulness in my workplace. It even provides connection with other facilitators around the world. My participants' feedback is extremely positive, helping them with change and stress. I recommend this for anyone considering workplace mindfulness or starting their own business in this field.

I needed this training even though I'd been facilitating for years


Though I've been guiding group meditation for years, it's very helpful to be reminded to set participants up for success by giving thorough guidance regarding posture, props and body, as well as attitudes conducive to the practice. The training is thorough and clear, yet concise. Each part of the course was of high or superb value to me. The connection to this facilitator community is valuable. Thank you!

Everything was invaluable


All the course materials and lessons were invaluable to help me get started as a facilitator and to develop and expand a program in the workplace.


(It's optional, and it's smart to do)

People want to know their facilitator has good credentials. It only takes 10-15 hours to build a portfolio for review by Wendy Quan and become a 'Certification Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator' (CMMF). As a certification student, you get mentorship with Wendy Quan, and invited to attend live video meetings with The Calm Monkey's Certified Facilitator community! Certified students are considered leaders in The Calm Monkey's community. There is an annual re-certification process.
Certification details

A few corporate clients

  • Google
  • University of British Columbia
  • City of Vancouver
  • Health Dept of Cincinnati
  • Government of Dubai
  • UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • Pacific Gas & Electric

Meet your guide, Wendy Quan

Wendy Quan, Founder of The Calm Monkey, is the industry leader in Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training & Certification and combining change management techniques with mindfulness to help people through difficult change.

The Calm Monkey began in 2011 offering mindfulness to organizations, then expanded in 2014 to being the first provider to offer practical mindfulness facilitator training, with over 300 facilitators worldwide successfully trained.

Wendy Quan is also a collaborative partner of Mindful Leader.

Wendy has an extensive corporate management background in Human Resources, IT and organizational change management, which is matched well with her corporate mindfulness track record.  

Today, she is an international conference speaker, sought for her continuous innovation.  The Calm Monkey's long client list features Google, the government of Dubai, University of British Columbia and individuals worldwide. She is also partnered with the HR professional organization in British Columbia, CPHR.

Her cancer journey led to her life’s purpose: “To help people create a better experience of life through mindfulness meditation”.

All questions are very welcome.  Please email Wendy@TheCalmMonkey.com.