Become a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator.

A practical on-demand online course, toolkit and community.

Experienced meditators learn to:

  • Implement workplace or community mindfulness - gain support, startup and grow a respected mindfulness practice.
  • Skillfully facilitate mindfulness meditation sessions - with today's best practices.

Other programs may teach you how to lead mindfulness practices,

but this program also shows you how to obtain support, promote, deliver, grow & measure an ongoing workplace program.

The Calm Monkey is the pioneer in facilitator training and workplace implementation.  Teaching facilitators since 2014.  

Super flexible for your needs.  

No rigid cohort schedule.  

A great community that supports your learning, and Wendy Quan as your mentor.

Our students say: "This is the perfect program for those wanting to lead mindfulness for others. It's so practical and flexible to suit MY schedule!"

* NEW * - this program now includes ongoing 'Practice Sandbox' sessions where you can practice and improve leading meditation & observe other facilitators and in a small, fun peer environment!

You don't need to become a meditation teacher to help others

Over 375 facilitators trained worldwide

  • Quick-start Toolkit

    Over 70 meditation scripts, background music, outlines for running introduction and ongoing live guided meditation sessions, communication templates to promote your program, handouts, and survey questions to capture your program's benefits. Everything you need to start right away!

  • 30-40 hours, completely flexible

    Online, FLEXIBLE, do-at-your-own-pace. Up to 6 months to complete, go as fast or as slow as you wish. Highly practical, hit-the-ground-running course and assignments that students rate as 'High or Superb Value' across the board. (Meditation Teacher training can be 200+ hours, costing $6,000+ and doesn't cover the implementation aspects of starting a program).

  • Instant community

    Get immediate access to The Calm Monkey's worldwide online community of facilitators on Slack - a 'low noise, high quality' online community! Practice live with your peers in our 'Practice Sandbox'. Once certified, you will join the live Zoom group meetings for valuable ongoing interaction and growth with the community. It's critical for facilitators to stay current and know how to deal with trends and controversies. You won't feel alone!

  • 'Practice Sandbox'

    Our 'Practice Sandbox' is where you can observe others leading & you can practice leading in a small, super-supportive peer group environment. Get the jitters out with your peers, experiment and have fun meeting others around the world in a small, safe group!

  • You'll be Certified

    You will complete the coursework, assignments and submit a video of you leading a group session. Don't worry, this is an exercise you'll be glad you have done. If you are not quite ready for certification, you will receive super supportive coaching to get there. You'll earn the title of 'Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator'. Don't go with a program that doesn't provide live, personalized feedback with the instructor, or you won't know your true skill level.

  • Coaching session with Wendy Quan

    You'll get personalized feedback, coaching, inspiration and mentorship from Wendy Quan. We'll discuss your assignments and your facilitation journey over a live, private Zoom session. Discuss your hesitations, fears and aspirations. Individual attention like this makes a world of difference.

Who is this for?

Practitioners of mindfulness and meditation who want to help others!

Our students have varied backgrounds, but they all share the same goal -- to help others. Some are employees working in organizations, some are service providers, entrepreneurs and small side business owners who want to add mindfulness to their service offerings and/or serve community groups. Some facilitate as a hobby or are retired. This program shows you how to get support and start an ongoing mindfulness practice in organizations, and make the leap from practitioner to facilitator. This shows you what 'meditator teacher training' programs do not. PLEASE SEE APPLICATION FORM FOR ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS.
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Who is this for?

What's unique about this program?

It's very practical and immediately useful

  • Implementation knowledge

    Other programs may teach you how to facilitate or teach mindfulness, but this program ALSO shows you how to obtain support, promote, deliver, grow & measure an ongoing workplace program. This helps you find your audience! Without implementation knowledge, you may struggle to develop a following.

  • Best practices

    Learn how to facilitate in a secular, workplace-friendly and trauma-sensitive manner. Even if you're already facilitating, how do you know you're doing it right? Sometimes 'we don't know what we don't know'. As our students say "this fills in the important gaps that I didn't know I was missing!"

  • Flexibility for your busy schedule

    This is 'on demand' for busy people. You have up to 6 months to complete this 30 hour program. It's easy to fit into your busy life without feeling the pressure of a strict cohort schedule. Many students finish this and get their certification within a few months.

  • Mentorship from Wendy Quan

    It is invaluable to receive private, personalized coaching and mentorship from Wendy Quan. Your participants won't be the ones to give you specific ways to bring your facilitation to the next level. How do you know if what you're doing might be wrong or risky to participants without proper training and certification? Also, optional mentorship is available to coach organizations through a workplace mindfulness implementation.

  • Recognized as an industry leader

    Wendy Quan has facilitated in workplaces since 2011. She pioneered the mindfulness industry's first facilitator training & certification in 2014. Known for her expertise, award-winning white paper and research, she's presented at UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center conference, the global Association of Change Management Professionals, BC Human Resources Association and numerous conferences & online summits. This program, instructed by Wendy Quan, trained over 120 facilitators for Mindful Leader, totaling over 375 worldwide. Also happy to collaborate with the Mindful Society Global Institute.

  • Organizational and change management expertise

    Wendy Quan is a certified organizational change manager with a management background in human resources, organizational development and information technology. With a deep understanding of the organizational world, she teaches you best practices in how to implement mindfulness into organizations.

  • Bonus benefits!

    1) 'Referral Network' - certified facilitators can opt-in to receive client opportunities. We can't promise how often you'll get opportunities, but occasionally you will get 'gigs' without doing the prospecting! and, 2) Receive a membership discount to the 'Mindful Society Global Institute'! The Calm Monkey is a proud partner with MSGI.

Fulfill your desire to help others

Learn to implement workplace mindfulness & become a skilled mindfulness facilitator.

How to explore and apply:

Step 1: Take the Free Preview

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Step 2: Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Step 3: Send in your Application Form

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Hear from Certified Facilitators

What students say

"Wendy is a wonderful mentor, inspiring, super supportive and helpful"

Judith from Washington

I needed this training even though I'd been facilitating for years

Judith from Washington

Though I've been guiding group meditation for years, it's very helpful to be reminded to set participants up for success by giving thorough guidance regarding posture, props and body, as well as attitudes conducive to the practice. The training is thorough and clear, yet concise. Each part of the course was of high or superb value to me. I greatly appreciate the resources that you & others in the TCM community share. You all help to bubble up extremely poignant and valuable info, insights and events. Our community co-curates the content for each other – a huge benefit of being part of the group. Thank you!
Kori from California

This helped me avoid issues

Kori from California

When I registered, I already felt fairly well versed on mindfulness facilitation, but this course provided much needed clarity as well as focus for how I plan to apply these skills - without which I likely would have encountered avoidable issues. The value for me comes in the form of ongoing support and access to a very invested and caring leader, Wendy. Additionally, it has given me the confidence to move forward.
Tracy from Abu Dhabi

I didn't expect to learn so much

Tracy from Abu Dhabi

I'm from Abu Dhabi. I originally signed up seeking the certification but not really sure how much I'd get out of it since I have a background in facilitation already. But honestly I learned so much! I think the key is in all the best practices, resources and plug & play content that can be used. When I signed up I was also already offering a pilot program in mindfulness and all the things I was struggling with were already clearly outlined in the course in terms of the do's and dont's. So I could really see how super practical the program was.
Dawn from Maryland

My confidence and ability

Dawn from Maryland

When I signed up for Wendy's course, I wasn't sure what to expect. She was very kind and highly knowledgeable. Always offering a thorough explanation of how the program worked and encouraged me to ask questions along the way. She is very responsive and has a way of making you feel very comfortable. I had been practicing mindfulness and meditation prior to the certification process and once I had completed the course, realized that there was so much that I had not been aware of. Wendy truly cares about her facilitators and to me, it feels like family. She has afforded me the opportunity to expand my offerings in my personal business as well as my workplace. I am feeling much more confident in myself and my ability to teach others the importance of incorporating mindfulness meditation into their daily routine.
 Conrad from California

Although it may seem easy to lead a meditation…

Conrad from California

There is much to consider in order to provide value and avoid mistakes when leading. I got a lot out of the course, the materials and videos are great, and the community is fantastic. Wendy and the community provide great support and continuous learning. I’m so glad I registered!
Jeff from New York


Jeff from New York

"I didn't know what I didn't know!" I had already starting sessions at work before I took this course. The experience for me taking this course has been nothing short of AMAZING! It was informative, educational and enjoyable. Having a format and structure for a mindfulness meditation session has given me a tool and a renewed purpose for bringing this practice to more organizations. On another note I must say dealing with Wendy was a delight! She was available, responsive and very helpful. If she offered another course I would sign up today!
Kulli from British Columbia

82% reduced level of stress

Kulli from British Columbia

Taking this training has been a life-changing opportunity for me. I work at Canada's largest credit union and the training, tools and certification gave me the confidence to startup groups at work, which is a causing a shift in the workplace. Participating employees have reported an 82% reduced level of stress!
Cliona from Ireland

A strong structure and very important guidelines

Cliona from Ireland

All parts of this course are of superb value. What this information provides is a way to facilitate while considering all of the little challenges/obstacles I may encounter at the beginning and throughout my Journey as a facilitator. It is particularly useful to get this information from Wendy who has tried and tested these techniques so she really has the hands on experience of the information she is sharing with her learners. This is very important to me :) Thanks from Ireland!
MJ from Florida

Everything I was looking for

MJ from Florida

Wendy was my teacher, and one-to-one coach. I had been meditating for several years when I enrolled and found that I had a lot to learn through her course and consider in my meditation journey. Wendy helped me move my goals of introducing mindfulness in my workplace from an idea to a clear approach as I prepared to meet with my decision-makers. She helped me navigate potential barriers in an organized, research-based, needs-based approach. The course is well-organized, includes support systems, practical tips for success and managing risks. Wendy is very kind, knowledgeable, experienced and accessible. This was everything I was looking for. Highly recommend!
Stephanie from Dubai

Grateful for Wendy's vast experience and generous sharing

Stephanie from Dubai

I highly recommend this programme to anyone who has some mindfulness meditation experience and is looking to introduce this into the workplace to improve workplace wellbeing. One of bonuses of the programme is that you are part of a network whilst you are working through the programme and continue to be part of the network once you have completed your certification. Wendy is a wonderful, supportive coach, and has a vast experience in this field which she generously shares with her TCM community. I am truly grateful for the support she has given me.

Delightfully satisfied facilitators

. . . 99% recommend this course to others

Having access to an industry expert and the facilitator community supports you in your journey beyond the course. Stay current of what facilitators should know.
Delightfully satisfied facilitators

Meet your guide, Wendy Quan

Wendy Quan, Founder of The Calm Monkey, is the industry innovator in Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training & Certification and combining change management techniques with mindfulness to help people through difficult change.

The Calm Monkey began in 2011 offering mindfulness to organizations, then expanded in 2014 to being the first provider to offer practical mindfulness facilitator training, with over 375 facilitators worldwide successfully trained.

The Calm Monkey is also a collaborative partner of  the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources in British Columbia and the Mindful Society Global Institute.

Wendy has an extensive corporate management background in Human Resources, IT and organizational change management, which is matched well with her corporate mindfulness track record.  

Today, she is an international conference speaker, sought for her continuous innovation.  Her clients have included Google, the U.S. National Park Service, the government of Dubai, Genentech, Citrix, Rich Products and over 375 facilitators trained worldwide.

Her cancer journey led to her life’s purpose: “To help people create a better experience of life through mindfulness meditation”.

Please join Wendy and her community of facilitators to feed your altruistic passion to help others.

All questions are very welcome.  Please email

This will be your community

In our challenging world, people seek ways to create a better experience of life. Evolving from being a personal practitioner to sharing your knowledge and passion with others will bring much joy to you, and have a ripple effect farther than you'll ever know.

Our facilitator community is fantastic. It's great to be part of a like-minded group with people from around the world!

* NEW * - this program now includes ongoing 'Practice Sandbox' sessions where you can practice leading meditation, observe other facilitators and connect in a small, fun peer environment.  This is in addition to the online community on Slack, and our live group meetings that are essential to keeping abreast of the fast-changing mindfulness field.

Join The Calm Monkey's mission to 'Create a mindful world together'.