BUNDLE Training & Certification

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Achieving your certification is worthwhile for credibility and being part of a wonderful facilitator community! Apply now by filling out the Application Form. We look forward to hearing from you!
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BUNDLE Training & Certification

Get this important credential

Earn your title of 'Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator' (CMMF)

  • Boost your credibility

    After you finish the The Calm Monkey's Facilitator Training course, obtain the credentials that people want to see in their facilitator.

  • Build your confidence

    Direct access to Wendy Quan for mentorship, and join the live video meetings with other Certified Facilitators worldwide. Build meaningful facilitator connections.

  • Achievable

    Only 10-15 actual hours to build your portfolio for review with Wendy Quan. A credible process, but not a difficult process! Annual re-certification requirement.

Certification program

The Training course teaches you, then this Certification program lets you shine & get certified!

  • 1
    • A welcome from Wendy Quan
    • Privacy Policy for Enrolled Students
    • How to be guided through your Certification Program
  • 2
    SKILLS BOOSTER - Addressing Common Meditation Problems
    • Falling Asleep
    • Busy mind
    • Noises and distractions
    • Discomfort
  • 3
    It's time to shine!
    • Create & submit a video
    • Get 3 participants to evaluate you
    • Submit 'My Journey So Far'
  • 4
    Submit your Portfolio for review (everything together at one time)
    • Agree to the Code of Conduct
    • Is your Portfolio ready to submit for review?
    • Submit your portfolio!
    • Staying certified with re-certification

Details . . .

View the Certification Program above to see how this program guides you to create your certification portfolio. You'll have a live video meeting review with Wendy Quan. 

Remember, the Training course teaches you how to facilitate and gives you the toolkit, and this Certification Program is about showing your competency so you can be certified! 

Only 10-15 hours of actual time to become certified!

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