Make your difficult changes easier

Are you going through change? 

Chances are YES, as change is constant.  

You may be feeling, agitated, worried, anxious or stuck.  

Or maybe you're okay but know that you could use help moving forward with more positivity and energy.  

Or maybe you have decided to make a change for the better - like eating healthier.

This toolkit teaches you about the 'Individual Change Journey' life cycle, then the meditations guide you through this life cycle in a positive way.

Receive confidential access to this toolkit for your personal or work changes.  

Create a better experience of your change. Create resilience.

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What can this toolkit do for you?

Change can be tough and stressful. It's not easy to admit that we may be struggling, frustrated or worried.

Using change management (a profession that helps people through change) principles together with mindfulness and meditation, this toolkit contains specialized guided meditation recordings that can improve your experience through difficult changes in your life. 

This guides you through the change lifecycle, asks powerful questions, and leaves you with time for exploration, self-reflection and creative thinking.

You can create a better experience of your journey through difficult change by:

  • getting out of auto-pilot mode in how you react to difficult change,
  • raising your awareness of how the change is affecting you,
  • understanding what is challenging for you and why,
  • learning what acceptance really means and preparing you to move forward, and
  • committing to creating the experience you would rather have and being your own advocate.

Get to a better place.

Build your resilience to change, because change is constant.

Backed by research

In early 2018, the Dealing with Change mindfulness meditation study showed these amazing results:

ALL participants received positive benefits, regardless of their prior meditation experience!

Get the full Research Paper: 'Dealing with Change mindfulness meditation study'.   

Meet your guide, Wendy Quan

The first to help you through difficult change, mindfully.

Wendy Quan, Founder of The Calm Monkey, is the industry leader in Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training & Certification and combining change management techniques with mindfulness to help people through difficult change.

The Calm Monkey began in 2011, and is the first and only provider to offer practical mindfulness facilitator training and this Dealing with Change Toolkit.  

Wendy has an extensive corporate management background in Human Resources, IT and organizational change management, which is matched well with her corporate mindfulness track record.  

Today, she is an international conference speaker, sought for her continuous innovation.  The Calm Monkey's long client list features Google, the government of Dubai, University of British Columbia and individuals worldwide. She is also partnered with the HR professional organization in British Columbia, CPHR.

Her cancer journey led to her life’s purpose: “To help people create a better experience of life through mindfulness meditation”.

Get the Toolkit

for one year's access

This toolkit gives you the same meditation recording used in the study, PLUS . . .

  • A collection of 20 guided meditation recordings

    These guide you through the change life-cycle. Most are only 9 minutes long, so it's easy to fit them into your day. Choose from two voices - a female voice and a male voice. Choose to have background music or no music, and fully guided or lightly guided versions. Use the streamed meditations over and over again, for six months.

  • Understand the Change Journey

    Learn the 'Individual Change Journey' of how people typically experience difficult change, and recognize how you're progressing through this life-cycle. Also learn the 'Accountability Ladder' and its reactive and proactive behaviors.

  • Meditation guidance

    Basic meditation guidance for anyone new to mindfulness meditation. Absolutely NO PRIOR MEDITATION EXPERIENCE is needed!

Toolkit contents

  • 1
    • Welcome! What is YOUR difficult change?
    • What is change management and how is it integrated into this toolkit?
    • Study results
    • A bit of administrivia
    • -- Pre-survey --
  • 2
    • The Individual Change Journey
    • Self-Quiz
    • The 'Ladder of Accountability' - make a conscious shift from reactive to proactive
    • What’s the difference between mindfulness and meditation?
  • 3
    Meditation Recordings
    • Preparing you for best results
    • Journal template
    • * RECORDINGS (with music) *